Psychic Powers – 5 Top Myths About Them

Modern television and movies would lead you to expect a person with psychic powers to be able to do amazing feats at a moments notice. You almost expect to see objects moving around the room by some unseen power, every time you are around someone who has developed their psychic powers but those of us who are in tuned with our abilities, understand that reality is nothing like the movies.

So we’ve developed this list of the top 5 myths people think we are capable of. Hopefully, it will help decrease the number of people who think we are able to teleport and that one is not even on this list.

Myth: Psychics know everything about you, such as what you like to eat or your brand of underwear.

Reality: Some psychics, if they spent multiple hours and a lot of their energy, could determine these types of things about you, but what good would it do them? Receiving energy that spirit wants you to know, does not spend a lot of our personal energy, however trying to pull out specific details that spirit is not looking to tell you does take a lot of energy. It does not make sense to expend so much energy just to determine trivial things about someone.

Myth: If a psychic receives a message for you, it is going to happen, no matter what you do.

Reality: We are not destined to do any specific thing. When a psychic receives information for you, it involves the path you are currently on. By changing your current path, you will change what will happen in the future and it can mean you will not experience what the psychic said you would experience.

Myth: Psychic powers have never been proven to exist by science.

Reality: This one is only partially correct and almost every day, the part that is wrong is getting smaller and smaller. So far, science has not been able to measure psychic powers in a way that is 100% reproducible. At the same time, there is a growing number of scientist who have seen enough to know there is something happening, even if they can not scientifically reproduce the results. The number of scientist who are actively studying these abilities is growing and I am sure it is only a matter of time before they develop a new technique that will allow them to accurately measure these powers.

Myth: Psychics communicate with dead people to get their information.

Reality: Much like with tarot cards, some do and some don’t. Plus there is a lot of misunderstanding on what is meant by communicating with dead people. Few people realize that the majority of Spirit Guides were alive at one point in time, but have chosen to help others by being a guide, yet most people who ask this question do not think there is anything wrong with Spirit Guides. There are some people who can communicate with a specific person who has passed on, but not everyone does this.

Myth: All psychics read tarot cards.

Reality: There are a lot of psychics that read tarot cards, but not all of them. There are plenty of psychics who work 100% via one of more of the Extra Sensory Perception powers such as Clairaudience, Clairsentience or Clairvoyance and never read tarot cards. There are some people who prefer to use tarot cards and some that learned mainly because their customers preferred to have their cards read.